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myMedRec.gifMyMedRec is a portable up to date health record that can be easily shared with your family, doctor, nurse, pharmacist or anyone else involved in your healthcare. It keeps track of the medicines that you and your family members are taking and many other elements related to your health. Use it to remind you when to take a dose and when to refill your prescription. With MyMedRec all of your important health information is saved in one easily accessible place.

MyMedRec was designed by Canada's leading health care associations as a safe and smart way to help you get the most out of your medicines.

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Medication/Immunization Record
Up-to-date medication list with you at all times

Multiple Patient Profiles
Easy access to your and your loved one’s health information

Dose/Refill Reminder
Reminds you to take your medications on time and when they need to be refilled

Email Information
Keep your healthcare team, family etc. up-to-date by sending them information directly