Knowledge can mean better health for you and your family.
Knowledge is the best medicine KIBM
Remember when it comes to your health, knowledge is
the best medicine.

How to make the most out of your interaction with your healthcare team

You should not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable asking your doctor, pharmacist, nurse or other healthcare team member questions. They are there to help you.

Whether you are seeing your healthcare team member in an office, clinic, your home, hospital, nursing home or emergency room, it is important to remember the following advice:

  • Before meeting with your healthcare team member write down your questions and bring the list with you
  • Know and communicate your allergies
  • Be open and honest about your health, questions and symptoms, even if they are embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about
  • Bring a person with you who can help you understand and recall what was said during the appointment
  • If you feel confused by an answer, ask again until you feel you understand the information
  • Before leaving your appointment or being discharged from hospital, make sure you have all the instructions and an updated list of your medicines
  • Be sure to find out which medicines to stop, which to continue or which new ones to start
  • Always bring a current and up-to-date list of your medicines to all appointments with your healthcare team. Do not assume your healthcare team member will have this information. Share it with your team members. Update it when any of your medicines are changed or stopped or new medicines are added. This is very important when you go to the hospital for a scheduled visit or the emergency room

On your medicine list be sure to include ALL the medicines you take regularly and occasionally:

  • Prescription medicines
  • Over the counter medicines (OTCs)
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Natural health products - e.g., herbals, homeopathic medicines
  • Traditional medicines - i.e., specific to certain cultures or countries
  • And even any recreational drugs - e.g., marijuana, cocaine

Knowing this information will help you and your healthcare team make the best decisions for your health and wellness.