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Tips from your pharmacist

  • If you take more than one medicine, use daily or weekly pill containers to help remind you when to take the medicine
  • If you have trouble opening the pill bottles, ask your pharmacy to put your medicine in a bottle with an "easy open" lid
  • If you have trouble reading the prescription label, ask the pharmacist to use large print on the labels
  • If you find it difficult to swallow pills, ask if your medicine comes in a liquid form or if you are able to chew or crush it
  • Try to use the same pharmacy for all of your medicines so they will have all your records and can check for drug interactions with each prescription
  • When you pick up your prescription refill, check that the medicine looks the same as the last time, if it doesn't, ask!
  • If other people in your family are taking medicines, use a marker to highlight the person’s name on each bottle or store them in different locations
  • Read the patient information sheets you receive when you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy and ask your pharmacist if you have any questions