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Create Your Own Medication Record



Create your own personalized medication book to record your medications, allergies and other health information. Keep it up-to-date (your pharmacist, doctor, nurse or other healthcare team member can help you with this). Bring it with you to all of your medical appointments or when you go to the hospital.

Why should you record your medicines

  • Keeping an up-to-date record of your medicines helps you, your loved ones and your healthcare team members have complete information about your medicines
  • It is very important to record exactly how you take your medicines (including whether or not you are taking them as directed)
  • Knowing how you take your medicines helps everyone involved to make correct decisions about your care
  • Having a medication record can also be helpful at times when you might not be able to remember your medications, for example in an emergency
  • Medication records can help you to remember to take your medicines safely each day at the scheduled times
  • Accurate communication of your medicines can help to reduce the chance of errors

Create your own medication record

Create your own personalized medication record. Choose the pages that best suit how you record your information about your medicines. These pages can be saved to your computer and updated whenever a change is made to your medicines. 

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